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Below we present a list of officially confirmed events.

For now check the teaser of “Noisy Chains” episode 1.

In this article we are presenting our main targets and tasks which we will fill in near future.

Our listing was at 26.02.2021 (8pm GMT). Liquidity loaded at PancakeSwap exchange was 417 BNB and price was set to 0.14$.

Actual liquidity 28.02.2021 (5pm GMT) reach 250 BNB.

TORJ piorities in next days !

According our announcements we are starting our program which we called ‘buy back policy’. In few words : we will invest part of our profits from project activities into TORJ again. We will buy TORJ from the market to control the token circulation and stimulate the price. You can read more about that strategy in our Whitepaper.

Today (28.02.2021) we opened a special wallet where we will store the TORJ which we bought from the market. We allow You to track this and make the address public. Please follow this data if You want.

Wallet Address to track :


DATA DETAILS (profits / transactions / activities / tades)


Below we presented a text of our first AMA hosted by telegram group bsc_talks. During the event we said many details about futre of the project. Please check it to get know TORJ better.

Thank you and I am glad to be able to participate in such an event. I’ve
been watching your group develop for a few days now and I’m very excited.

HOST: Let’s start simple, tell me what is TORJ?

DEV: TORJ is a high quality Streaming service, but also a Token. TORJ will provide valuable content in the form of videos, and a mobile application.

Contract based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

10 700 000 = 100 % TOTAL SUPPLY
1 070 000 = 10 % TEAM + DEVELOPMENT
1 605 000 = 15 % STAKING REWARDS
642 000 = 6 % MARKETING
1 498 000 = 14 % PRIVATE SALE

1TORJ = 0,075 $ ~private sale price

1 605 000 = 15 % PUBLIC SALE

1TORJ = 0.10 $ ~public sale price

1 177000 = 11 % POOL pool size 164780

1TORJ = 0.14 $ listing price


TEAM: 10 %


STAKING : 15 %





TORJ official

official account of TORJ company.

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