TORJ first AMA (text)

TORJ official
5 min readFeb 28, 2021

Below we presented a text of our first AMA hosted by telegram group bsc_talks. During the event we said many details about futre of the project. Please check it to get know TORJ better.

Thank you and I am glad to be able to participate in such an event. I’ve
been watching your group develop for a few days now and I’m very excited.

HOST: Let’s start simple, tell me what is TORJ?

DEV: TORJ is a high quality Streaming service, but also a Token. TORJ will provide valuable content in the form of videos, and a mobile application.
While we provide the content, the advisors can advertise, viewers can
donate, and investors can stake it. Everything by TORJ monetary system.

HOST: Great, could you be clear what type of streaming? About what?

DEV:We want to run programs initially in the form of 3 different types:
The first will be about everything related to trading: Leverage trading
with Binance Futures where we will present our strategies and ideas for
profit from this branch of trading.
The second show will focus on presenting interesting cryptocurrency
The third program we will broadcast will be a pure entertainment
program, which will be about answering your questions and more.
You will know the exact scenario of each show, as soon there will be
videos announcing each show and we will discuss it in more detail there,
you will see logos and titles.
Live Chat will be an important part of this show. We will have at proper
chat to talk with the viewers.

HOST:And when will you start the streamings?

Once the sale begins, we will complete the equipment and organize the
In the first weeks, there will be video materials and not only for
promotional purposes.
We will soon introduce you to the TORJ world, thereby also expanding the
YouTube channel.
The plan is to release the first live stream on April, May.
However, the video will be prepared by us in the period of a week or two
from the Listing.

HOST:And how will be the Business Model? I mean, will you hire someone to
help with the content? How will you generate revenue?

This is how we will hire new people for the project. Soon we will
announce casting for the leaders because we want to involve really
interesting people in TORJ and we believe that there will be real
talents in this field among the cryptocurrency community.
As for the scenarios, we will implement them ourselves. The main studio
where we will be recording is located in a newly built building which is
about to be completed and there is work left inside which we will start
in April this year. I hope that in May we will be able to implement our
first projects there. Besides, to create, for example, a mobile
application, we will use programmers hired from outside our company to
ensure that everything works perfectly. We will start working on the
application during the first collection. I want the application to be
created up to 60 days after listing.
Regarding the business model: the key point will be the viewership of
our streams, which will generate revenues from advertising and product
placement. We want audits of other projects to be paid in addition to
meeting the most important criteria.
We will use these funds to support our buy-back policy, i.e. buying some
coins from the market. This will allow us to stimulate the price and
support our long-term investors.

HOST:Tell me about the Token Burns and Buy Back Policy please.

We have tokens reserved specifically for the burn event. We want the
first to happen soon after the listing. We will publicize it well in
advance. The second one at the end of this year.
What will the buy-back policy be? As I have already mentioned, on the
transfer of funds obtained from the flagship tasks of the project to the
exchange circulation (by buying TORJ coins from the market). It will
account for 50% of advertising and commercial revenues initially, and
30% later. In this way, we want to help our currency to maintain certain
stability in terms of price. We also believe that the revenues for the
project will grow with the development and thus the value of TORJ as well.

HOST:How about the Staking Rewards? What will be the APY?

Staking is included in our statute and contract.
We will allocate rewards according to an algorithm based on several key
requirements such as the number of coins held and the period of time.
We want to stake to be in our mobile application, which I already
mentioned at the beginning.
I would like to point out that we have reserved 23% of the total supply
of TORJ coins for prizes for our users.
Thanks to this, we have many opportunities to award prizes to our
community and investors.

HOST:As many people noticed my biggest concerns in the group is to avoid
scams. How could we trust on you?

DEV: I know, and to show you our intentions, we sent our personnal IDs to you.
We have personal Facebook, and it would be Linkedin, but many scammers
use Linkedin, so we chose to use our personal Facebook regarding to show
our good intention.
Also we will have liquidity lock, where it will be untouchable for one
year to provide liquidity to the market.
Nobody in the team can access the tokens to avoid any kind of problem.

HOST:It’s true, he sent me his personal ID and I actually did not ask lmaoo,
and it matches with the Facebook.
I would ask you about the Liquidity lock right now, but you already
answered, and how will it be?

DEV: We tried to find third party to lock it, but as I see BSC stil don’t
have a Unicrypt.
What we will do is lock by deployment, but it needs to be at the moment
of the listing.
At the moment we provide liquidity people can swap tokens.

HOST:How about the Pre Sales, to where funds will go?

DEV: Private Sales: 50% Marketing, and 50% Development.
Public Sales: 80% Liquidity Lock for one year, and 20% for more marketing.

HOST: How can people do to get into it?

DEV: It will be by form, and we are opening in 3 hours. It will last only
48 hours.
We willing to choose real supporters, people that will share our
project, stay in positivity and active about our streaming service.
We don’t want to have people only want double price at listing and sell
it to the market.

HOST: How about the Pubic Sales? When and how?

DEV: We will be announcing the listing 72 hours from Private Sales, we
will make another AMA, and start to pay influencers.
That is the reason 50% will go directly to Marketing.

HOST: That’s great, I see where you want to get with massive Marketing to
create exposure, although it’s important Development to keep investors
alive. Tell us about the Development? What You will do ?

DEV: We hire professionals programmers to create our mobile application, graphic designers to help to create logos and graphics for our programs as well as social media materials. More professional equipment to make it as much as professional. In the marketing section there are influencers, exchange listings, and many other stuff. While we have 80% of the public going to liquidity for one year, the private sales will be our fund to pay the expenses, at least till we start to generate revenue with donations and advertisement, without selling TORJ token to the market.

HOST: I personally really like the concept, it is different from what we have
seen here. It reminds me 2 nice and successful projects THETA back in
2018, and
CBIX which is in our whitelist (+4.000% in 30 days).